4 Safety Precautions to Take When Driving With a Baby on Board

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houston injury lawyerNew parents have a lot to worry about when they are traveling with their baby – road safety is one of them. But you should remember that too much anxiety can also interfere with your driving skills. If you want to make sure your baby is as safe and protected as possible, follow these safety tips shared by our Houston injury lawyer while driving.

  • Install the Right Car Seat

There are several different styles and types of car seats in the market so it can be challenging to choose which one is the best fit for your baby. You can choose from backless boosters, full-sized boosters, convertibles, and infant seats.

Pick a seat that has good safety ratings, is right for the size of your baby, and fits perfectly into your vehicle. Most stores allow you to have test installation before buying a seat since not all seats are designed to fit all vehicles. Also, simply buying the right seat is not enough – you have to install it correctly as well. Go through the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully while installing it.

  • Get a Backseat Mirror

Installing a mirror in the back seat is a great idea as it will allow you to see your child with a quick glance in the rearview mirror. But do not make the mistake of using this as an excuse to keep making eye contact with your baby.

The mirror will keep you from taking your eyes off the road and turning around to look at the baby. Being able to see them will also help you drive without feeling a lot of stress. A knowledgeable Houston injury lawyer can guide you about your legal responsibilities when you have a baby in the car.

  • Feed and Change Your Baby Before the Trip

Once a baby starts fussing, parents’ first instinct is to take their eyes off the road and look at the baby. Yes, babies are unpredictable but it’s best to make sure to feed and change your baby before you start driving. It will reduce the likelihood of you getting distracted while on the road.  

Never try to feed the baby while driving; always pull over first. Consider timing your trips around your baby’s nap times, or when they are tired. Also, never try to feed your baby when driving.

  • Have Another Passenger

If possible, try to have someone that can either sit in the back with the baby or drive you while you accompany the baby. This way, you can focus on driving while they take care of your infant. 

While our Houston injury lawyer agrees this may not always be possible, you should do it whenever necessary. It will help you stay more relaxed and your baby may also stay quieter.

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