Texas Car Accident Lawyer: How to Avoid a Tire Failure Car Accident?

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texas car accident lawyerWhen you are on the road, having a tire fail can be frustrating at best and deadly at worst. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 11,000 tire-related accidents occur each year.

By just being aware of the best ways to maintain your vehicle, you can help prevent injuries and save lives. There are several ways to stay on top of tire maintenance and safety, but here are some tips that the expert Texas car accident lawyer from Kirk Law Firm, PLLC, agrees will keep you much safer.

Check Your Tires Regularly

Whether you are a new or seasoned driver, check your tires every once in a while. If you notice any of the signs listed below, contact a tire repair professional and have it fixed right away.

  • Bulges or blisters
  • Inconsistent tread wear, which can result from tire damage, incorrect inflation, suspension part issues, or wheel misalignment
  • Under-inflated tires reduce the tire’s life, make vehicles difficult to control, and can lead to tread separation or a blowout
  • Cracks or cuts in the sidewalls
  • Extreme vibration, which may indicate that a wheel is bent, misaligned, or unbalanced; it could also indicate internal damage in the tires
  • Overly worn tread

You can prevent the risk of tire failure by properly maintaining your tires and fixing the damage (if any) before an accident occurs. If your vehicle has low-profile tires, make sure you avoid running into curbs and potholes to prevent damage.

One solid tip, as shared by seasoned Texas car accident lawyers, is to keep an eye on the feel and sound of your tires while driving. For example, you can typically hear a repeated slapping sound before a tread separation occurs. If that happens, slow down your vehicle and pull over to inspect it.

texas car accident lawyer

Who is Responsible for a Defective Tire?

Under the Texas “product liability” laws, the party who manufactured, designed or sold the faulty product is liable for injuries caused by that product. If the tire was malfunctioning when it was sold to the consumer, the plaintiff has no obligation to show who was responsible for the flaw. Talk to a competent Texas car accident lawyer to learn more.

Other potential liable parties for a defective tire could include:

  • Vehicle owner
  • Auto mechanic
  • Used tire seller
  • Tire repair shop

In Texas, if a car accident was caused by someone’s negligent behavior, the at-fault party may be held liable for any damages and injuries caused to another. In personal injury cases, it is the responsibility of the victim (plaintiff) to prove that the negligent party (defendant) caused the accident.

Talk To An Experienced Texas Car Accident Lawyer About Your Tire-Related Accident Case

If you or your loved one have experienced tire failure and were injured, our expert and devoted personal injury attorneys at Kirk Law Firm, PLLC, can help you find the best way forward.

We have the skills and resources to win your case and deliver the compensation you deserve to get through this difficult time. Accident injuries are difficult to deal with on their own – you do not need the stress of fighting your own legal battles as well. 

Call us today at 713-929-2670 or write to us online to schedule a free review of your case.

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