Car Accident Lawyers

After a car accident, you need someone in your corner. A car accident can be a devastating event both personally and financially. In addition to expensive hospital and mechanic bills, they can also take a significant physical and emotional toll. Car insurance offers relief from some financial burdens, but these companies may try to minimize your compensation to maximize their own profits. Our Albuquerque car accident lawyers specialize in dealing with personal injury claims and can help you get the financial recovery you deserve.

Role of a Legal Professional in Car Accident Claims

Role of a Legal Professional in Car Accident Claims

Before calling your insurance agent, getting in touch with a knowledgeable car crash attorney in Albuquerque is wise. They can help you avoid common mistakes that could cause your case to be delayed or denied, and guide you throughout the entire legal process. Working with an experienced legal professional allows you to get the money you deserve without the stress of navigating a complicated or drawn-out case.  

Whether or not you are at fault for the wreck, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Crashes often have a variety of factors behind even seemingly the most obvious cause. Our Albuquerque auto collision lawyers sort through all available evidence to minimize your liability, maximizing your monetary damages from both your insurance company and the other party involved in the collision. 

Get Your Claim Paid

How do You Get Your Claim Paid For Maximum Value

Anyone seeking to make a claim against an insurance company for personal injury, property damage or business loss must understand that it is the insurance company’s business model to collect and reinvest billions of dollars in premiums and pay the minimum number of claims for the smallest possible amount.  Insurance companies are generally not in the business of being fair or having your best interest at heart.  Rather, their sole duty is to maximize the profit of their shareholders and they have no duty to be fair to members of the general public who may have been injured by their insured. Though your claim is very personal to you, it is just a numbers game for big insurance.

This being so, the best way to make sure that you receive the maximum value for your claim is to hire a law firm that the insurance company believes could try and win your case and get a very substantial verdict for a case involving significant injuries.  This motivates the insurance company claims executives to settle your case for a much greater value.  Basically, the value of your claim is greatly increased by the expertise of the lawyer that is representing you.

It is most important to retain a very experienced and nationally recognized trial law firm like Kirk Law Firm, PLLC, to represent you so that the insurance company will pay your claim in settlement by offering a reasonable settlement or if the case does not settle, by a jury verdict at trial.  The greater the expertise of your lawyer, the greater the value of your claim.


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Acting quickly ensures evidence stays available and your case remains within the statute of limitations. However, knowing your rights and options can be overwhelming, especially in the aftermath of a traumatic event.  

Do not pay for someone else’s mistakes or fall victim to greedy insurance companies. Our seasoned Albuquerque car accident lawyers know what it takes to get optimal results so that you can focus on recovery. Call or schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how our dedicated lawyers could help you.