Houston Injury Lawyer: 6 Things The Adjuster Will Not Tell You After a Car Accident

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Getting injured in a car or a truck accident can completely change one’s life. The injured victim suddenly has to deal with medical bills and lost income while also learning how to live with their injuries. If you are facing this situation, it is prudent to initiate your insurance claim process as soon as possible to ease off the financial … Read More

How to Find a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer For an Accident With an Amazon Van?

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Amazon has transformed the way Americans shop, and part of their allure is their hassle-free purchase and quick delivery. The multi-billion dollar brand uses an ever-growing number of delivery drivers to transport their packages every day. These drivers work under strict deadlines and they have to make a certain number of deliveries within that deadline. This means they are constantly working … Read More

Houston Commercial Accident Lawyer: How to Get a Houston Accident Report?

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If you have been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, your ability to recover damages relies on establishing the negligence of the driver and/or the trucking company. As every Houston commercial accident lawyer would agree, one definitive element in determining who was at fault in a truck accident is the police report filed after the crash. If you … Read More